Ryan Bubnis is a multidisciplinary illustrator, artist and educator.

Bubnis’ work has been described as “urban folk.” Through his paintings, illustrations, design and mural work, he comments on themes relating to the human condition.

Working both traditionally and digitally he incorporates a range of mediums that include found objects, paper, wood, canvas, aerosol, acrylics, cel vinyl, Papier-Mâché, graphite and India ink. He draws inspiration from life, love, graffiti, folk and outsider art from a variety of cultures.

Bubnis has collaborated with a number of commercial clients and agencies and his work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the U.S. and abroad. He is currently an Assistant Professor at The Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon.


  • Grass Hut Gallery, Portland, OR,
    September 2011
    This Time, Right Now Is Our Time

  • Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle, WA
    November 2009
    Ghost Magic

  • Perihelion Arts, Phoenix, AZ
    April 2008
    Where the Good Thoughts Grow

  • Kidrobot, New York, NY
    March 2005
    Heroes & Heartbreakers


  • The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Taipei, ROC
    November 2008–January 2009
    XFUNS Gala 08, traveling international group exhibition.

  • Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, AZ
    September 2007
    The Influence of Animation In Contemporary Art, featuring Ron English, Sket One, Andrew Brandou, Ryan Bubnis, Gary Basemen, KRK Ryden and Amanda Visell.

  • Global Traveling Museum Exhibition
    November 2006–September 2008
    What the Deuce Are You Staring At?—collection of interpretive work inspired by Fox’s Family Guy television series, featuring 21 artists.


  • 1975 Gallery, Rochester, NY | June 2013
    Black and Blue, featuring Ryan Bubnis and Lucas Irwin.

  • The White Box Gallery & Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR | April 2012 & 2013
    TEDx What If and TEDx New Territory, exhibition and auction to benefit The Children’s Healing Art project.

  • Fecal Face Dot Gallery, San Francisco, CA | Dec 2011
    11.11.11, featuring Ryan Bubnis, Nathan Brown, Ryan De La Hoz, Eric Shaw, Winnie Truong and more.

  • Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle, WA | February 2011
    Obsessive Repulsive, featuring Jesse Reno, Skinner and Ryan Bubnis.

  • Primary Flight GGG, Art Basel, Miami, FL | December 2010
    Fresh Produce, featuring Erik Otto, Augustine Kofie, BASK, Tristan Eaton, Logan Hicks, Ryan Bubnis, Herbert Baglione and more.

  • RE:FORM SCHOOL, New York, NY | October 2010
    3-day public awareness event featuring Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Chris Johanson, Maya Hayuk, Ryan Bubnis, Friends With You and more.

  • Alicia Blue Gallery, Portland, OR | October 2010
    NwModern The Spirit of Place, featuring Angela Baker, Ryan Bubnis, Meredith Dittmar, Colleen Flaherty and more.

  • Open Space Gallery, Beacon, NY | August 2010
    Electric Windows, live painting event, public art display and gallery exhibition featuring Ron English, Gaia, Ryan Bubnis, Erik Otto, Bigfoot, Elboe Toe and more.

  • Together Gallery, Portland, OR | April 2010
    In Between Time, featuring Ryan Bubnis, Ryan DeLa Hoz, Deth P. Sun, Jonathan Edelhuber and Jesse Reno.

  • Okay Mountain Gallery, Austin, TX | June 2009
    The Hot Slump, featuring Ryan Bubnis, Cody Cochrane, Jay Howell, Jason Jagel, Griffin McPartland and Pourous Walker.

  • Stolen Space Gallery, London, United Kingdom | December 2008
    featuring D* Face, Jeff Soto, Judith Supine, Shepard Fairey, Vitche, Will Barras and more.

  • Gen Art Vanguard Fair, Art Basel, Miami, FL | December 2008
    KNOW, curated by Mark Murphy featuring Mike Bertino, Matt Haber, Robert Hardgrave, Jordin Isip, Mark Ryden, Jeff Soto and more.

  • Upper Playground Fifty 24PDX Gallery, Portland, OR | June/July 2008
    Seven, group exhibition featuring Corey Arnold, Ryan Bubnis, E*Rock, Caleb Freese & Justin Gorman, Jason Greene, Sara Padgett and Ryan Jacob Smith.

  • Grass Hut Gallery, Portland, OR | March 2008
    Balls Out, group exhibition featuring Bwana Spoons, Jeff Soto, James Jean, Tim Biskup, Chris Johanson, Monica Canilao and more.

  • Compound Gallery, Portland, OR | December 2007
    For Sure For Real, featuring, Filth, Tristan Eaton and Ryan Bubnis.

  • Bridge Art Fair, Art Basel, Miami, FL | December 2007
    With Perihelion Arts, Phoenix, AZ


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